What would be the potential if everybody found your business? 🚀

With PointToMyBusiness and Digital Design Service as your partner, it doesn’t matter whether you have a starting, a traditional, or an established online business, you are guaranteed your products and services will be found online.

Ask yourself. How do I know potential customers find their way to my website? What would be the potential if everybody found my business?

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What is PointToMyBusiness? 🔭

PointToMyBusiness is an all-in-one solution to boost the visibility and findability of your business on the internet, leading to more sales and leads. PointToMyBusinesss is offered by Digital Design Service, a company that specializes in digital and online marketing.

Boosting visibility and findability.

For starting, traditional, and established online businesses.

Guaranteed your products and services will be found online.

When should you use the services of Digital Design Service?


Start-up company

When you are a start-up company and want to stay ahead of future competitors with a strong digital marketing foundation that will reward you now and in the long run.


Local business

When you are a local business or don’t have a website, NOW is the time to act. At this moment there is a large group of customers that can’t find your business.


Online business

When you have an established online business and are ready to grow. You can attract more customers by optimizing your visitor flow and conversion.


No digital marketing strategy

When you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, THIS is your opportunity to grow. Planning online actions at the right time will increase your visitor, follower, and customer base.


First-time optimization

When you have a website or social media profile, but never optimized it for search engines with SEO, SEM, SEA, SMM, SMA, and other flashy abbreviations.


Online advertising and social media

When you do have a website but are not making use of really great opportunities such as online advertising and social media. Target the right audience at the right time.

How does PointToMyBusiness increase your online visibility and findability? 🧭

When Google users (or Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines) are searching for your product, we make sure that your product will be shown in the top search results. In addition, we make your product look like the best choice. Those search results can be a landing page on your website or a social media profile. We achieve this by increasing the quality and relevance of your product’s landing page. Afterward, we notify the Google algorithm to index your website. Digital Design Service applies best practice methods and technologies. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) amongst others.

For Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Increased quality and relevance of web and landing pages.

Best practice SEO, SMM, and SEA.

How does PointToMyBusiness increase your sales and leads? 🧑‍💻

By boosting your online visibility and findability, the number of visitors or followers to your website and social media profiles will be increased substantially. When Google users click on your result, they become your visitors, giving you more data and insight than ever before. This data is used to optimize the path for your visitors leading to your products, sales specialist, physical store address, or online checkout. We deliver your customers straight into your capable hands. Optimizing visitor-to-customer conversions.

Your products in online search results.

More customer data and insight.

Optimizing visitor-to-customer conversions.

How does PointToMyBusiness give you an advantage over competitors online? 🤺

With your products showing up in search results instead of your competitor’s. To persuade a Google user to click on your product, your search result must be the most appealing, inviting, and convincing. Together we can turn you into the online authority in your business area of expertise, with a strong online marketing foundation that you can build upon for years. We supply you with competitor intelligence and clear reports that prove your competitive edge.

Your products in online search results.

Foundation to build upon for years.

Competitor intelligence and clear reports.

Succes stories from beloved customers.

Michael van der Zee CEO ASaP BV Digital Design Service review

Analytical Solutions and Products

Digital Design Service helped ASaP increase the number of leads with our overseas customers by expanding our follower base on LinkedIn. I recommend DDS when you want more opportunities through your online channels.

– Michael van der Zee @ Analytical Solutions and Products B.V. Amsterdam
Harrie Kolsteeg CEO StressWise Academy Digital Design Service review


When StressWise was ready to expand its reach to greater businesses, Digital Design Service supported us with the online advertising campaigns and landing pages. Utilizing video advertising and LinkedIn, our new audiences were targeted in the right place at the right time.

– Harrie Kolsteeg @ StressWise
Mariëtte Huibrechtse founder MindfulnessFabriek Digital Design Service review


When the MindfulnessFabriek was founded, Digital Design Service created the foundation for our online activities, our website, and social media pages. Reach out to DDS when your business is starting up. A strong online marketing foundation will reward you in the long run.

– Mariëtte Huibrechtse @ MindfulnessFabriek
Wouter Zwijnenburg Start-up Veico Trainingen Digital Design Service review

Veico Trainingen

Within two days the consultant of DDS helped me set up a great website with a product landing page. With Google Analytics and LeadInfo implemented. Along with a clear interface for online visitors to contact me. A week after my phone started ringing!

– Wouter Zwijnenburg @ Veico Trainingen Amsterdam

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